Audit on financial statements

Entrepreneurs whose business exceeds the legally defined criteria of total revenue 30 mil. HRK yearly, are required to perform statutory audit and Audit report submit to the Register of financial statements for public announcement.

Audit of business combinations (mergers and acqusitions)

In company’s lifetime often happen various business combinations, stipulated by Commercial law, like merger or separation, acquisition or association. Such a complex business combinations will be properly carried out with the help of auditors.

Founding company audit and audit on share capital increase

If the share capital is entered in properties or rights, if for any reason during business appears need to increase the share capital, auditor will be of huge help in estimation of the market value or in confirmation of other facts related to the capital increase.

Audit on request - review

One of the most efficient tools of entrepreneur or owner of the company  is that independent person with its insight into the operations confirm compliance with accounting rules, legality and keeping up to date business records.

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